Michael Wilson

Marketer, Broadcaster, Creative Thinker, Tech Enthusiast


Hello, pleased to meet you.

My name's Michael Wilson. Since I was a teenager I've had a passion for digital marketing, as well as general problem-solving in today's ever-connected world. I've got a background in digital marketing and design, as well as writing. I'm experienced in nearly every aspect of broadcast production, with many specialized skills. Recently, I've been fulfilling roles in platform and customer support. I'm always up for something interesting.

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Things I enjoy

Web Design and Planning

WordPress is my platform of choice, and I like to think I'm pretty good with it. Check out my portfolio above.

Graphic and Print Design

Posters, banners, album covers. Mixing and matching the perfect elements to convey your message with meaning.

Tech Support and Service

I'd call myself a people person. I pick up on new technology easily, and I've got a knack for breaking down complicated scenarios in terms anyone can understand.

Videography and Editing

I know my way around a camera rig and Adobe Premier. I've got extensive experience with live event production using vMix and similiar solutions.